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My wedding, my choice!

A lot of the newlyweds I have talked to share about how they settled on their wedding themes and colours for their big day.

They continue to cite how they chose their bridal party members based on how close they were, and some had as little as three and others as many as 15.

Good stuff; I mean, who else would you rather be by your side as you walk down the aisle and have those moments frozen with but your squad? Your ride or die besties. Friends who, on most occasions, have stuck closer than a brother.

All that is great until it comes to deciding what to wear on a material day. Many brides will form a WhatsApp group for the maids, for discussions and making decisions.

Some are democratic and considerate enough to ask the girls to send sample designs of dresses they would like after she outlines her preferences. She will then allow them to choose how their dress looks.

Same fabric and colour of course, but different designs. Knee length, ankle length, off shoulder, one shoulder, A-lines, skaters, mermaids, you name it.

She will further let them have their own hairstyles, from naturalist looks to braids, locks, short hairdos, weaves and wigs, as long as the hair compliments their dresses. The types of shoes are also up to them; as long as they are in theme, say coral wedges, chunky heels, doll shoes or stilettos. No restrictions.

I’m not advocating for a circus, no, just hear out these ladies who will foot the bills of their hairdos, shoes or dresses. But, if they do not mind twinning, by all means, follow through with the plans.

However, there are those that only think of themselves; bridezillas. They want all the mermaid dresses to have thigh-high slits and for all to have silver bangles and earrings to go with their purple gowns.

Why? Why put the ladies through what they would not be caught dead in? I wish such brides would bear in mind the fact that those outfits should not be a one-day affair. I mean, every bride wants her bridesmaids to love the new dresses they got enough to wear them even after the big day.

Any bride that does not see her girls in their bridesmaids’ attire should know that those dresses were crap and a waste of money. Dictating and outlining the exact specifications of shoes, jewellery or hairdo is a recipe for sour relations.

That’s how you have friends and relatives drop or dropped off the bridal party, while others stay on grudgingly.

Please consider what the maids have to say. Groomsmen are always easy. They hardly mind what they are told to wear, but not the ladies. Please hear them out, or else…

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