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Season for the business traveller

Staying overnight at an airport hotel is often considered a necessary evil for business or leisure travellers since these hotels are associated with noisy rooms, terrible service, bad breakfasts, and over-priced rates.

However, over time, things have slightly improved, with airport hotels changing their overall experience.

A transit hotel is basically a short stay hotel near an international airport. It’s convenient, especially when a flight has been delayed or when there are extended waits.

These short stay hotels are convenient for travellers who do not want the hassle of hotels far from the airport and the risk of missing a flight in case of traffic.

Seasons Airport hotel is a three-star transit hotel located just five kilometres away from JKIA. It can actually be a short stay hotel but it turns out one can actually enjoy it if they plan carefully.

Every time a relative goes abroad, typical of Kenyans, we all assemble at the airport, grandparents in tow, to see off their loved one. This day was no different.

There was a hitch that led to delayed flights and going back home would just be a huge inconvenience. That’s how I ended up learning about transit hotels.

The Seasons Airport hotel is a new hotel conveniently located in Embakasi area, on the eastern side of Nairobi. I arrived at a warm welcome by a receptionist called Jane who dutifully checked us in.

The first thing I noticed was the décor, which complemented the lobby. The lobby area offers a simplistic décor, with a creamy white and orange paint and single lantern chandeliers.

The reception has a rustic decor and the tiles in the lobby give it a contrasting contemporary ambience. It’s easy to understand why the majority are short stay guests, as everything seems designed to suit the business traveller who needs convenience over comfort.

The rooms were pretty much standard featuring a queen size bed, a resting chair, a dressing table, and a flat-screen TV.  The choice of colours was modern and offered a sense of cool calm. The décor was okay but unimpressive. Although I really did like the rustic lampshades and wooden ceilings.

For a three star rated hotel, I was disappointed by some of the facilities. First, the bathroom was too basic. The standard room doesn’t come with an ensuite bathroom or a soaking tub. It is slightly smaller, plus I did not feel that the rain shower plays a part in rejuvenating weary travellers.

Another disappointment was that the property doesn’t have a relaxing area, like a spa, hot tub or a gym. However, they do have a conference space, again angling towards the business traveller.

I noticed that the property could be a bit uncomfortable as there are several clubs nearby and the banging music can be a major distraction.

That’s something the management should look into. I figured if it’s a place where their guests want to feel some sense of serenity, then soundproof windows should be considered amid the bustle of the surroundings and the JKIA.

As a guest of the Seasons Airport Hotel, you will have access to their complimentary Wi-Fi, the Seasons restaurant where you get to enjoy a complimentary breakfast and also main dishes consisting of local and continental cuisines.

As a transit hotel, I can say there isn’t much to explore around. It’s a check in, check out kind of place.  Very down to earth. The hotel has about 60 rooms that include standard, twin, and deluxe rooms.

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