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Cosy Coffee Casa

Grayce Patt

Located on the mezzanine floor of Doctor’s Park off 3rd Parklands Avenue, Coffee Casa is the epitome of a true urban coffee house.

From the big, bold, quirky chalkboard artwork to the colourful decorative coffee mugs and throw pillows littered all over the place, the décor gives off a cosy living room vibe while, simultaneously, getting you amped up and energised for a productive day.

I ordered their legendary beef burger and fries combo for Sh700, and ginger-lemon tea for Sh200 propped myself comfortably amidst the pillows waiting patiently for my socks to be knocked off. Yes, I was wearing socks and I wanted to get so full that I had to take them off to create more space for the food.

Unfortunately, they weren’t. The burger bread was simply too crispy. I abhor soggy bread, so, I do like it toasted just enough. I expect to still be able to fold it into my mouth.

The patty was tasty, though not memorable, and the veggie fillings were fresh, which I never take for granted these days. The fries were not bad, and I was delighted with the colourful little cluster of side veggies that accompanied the meal.

The service was okay, but being the only customers present at the time, we could only hope that the same standards are maintained when the crowds pour in.

Also, a little mood music would have gone a long way in filling up the empty spaces and making the place feel warmer. It gets a 6/10 because, with a few tweaks here and there, its potential is limitless.

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