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A taste of blue

We are soon going to be making the annual pilgrimage to our ancestral homes. I am here to ensure that you know of a few beer spots that you can haunt with your Nairobi money and hopefully impress a few rural dames in the process.

For revellers who want a good time, good alcohol to the accompaniment of fairly good music, Java Blue in Embu is the place to be. Java Blue Lounge is quite spacious, with blue accents and blue lighting used for décor as if to allude to their name.

There is ample space to sit and revel in while the washrooms are some way off from the main sitting area, as it should be, and are kept quite clean.

The place is normally filled with Nairobi revellers out for the biweekly or is it annual trip to see their paroz in shagz. You can spot them from a mile away; shouting at the top of their voices, the girls at least, while the men are busy trying to look classy with the meza heavy laden with Jack Daniel botties and countless chasers.

Java Blue serves no coffee though the name might suggest otherwise. It, however, serves quite good alcohol and for all you slay people who stress shagz bartenders with your fancy umbrella drinks, they got you, even serving cocktails.

Food is quite sumptuous, you can order anything from choma to beef wet fry, though be ready for the prolonged wait, especially if you go during major holidays like Jamhuri, Easter or Christmas as the place gets overwhelmed with the crowds. And even when it gets packed, there is still enough parking for you and your friends’ motiz, surprisingly.

Java Blue has theme nights, wherein they play different genres on different days. The most popular night is, of course, Thursday, which is reggae night. See you there, this November, as nobody can stop reggae!!

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