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Willy Paul to sue those soiling his name

You just can’t seem to separate Willy Paul form controversy. This week, the Sikireti song maker had to come out on social media to deny claims that he was hospitalised at MP Shah hospital after a drug overdose.

Poze, as he fancies himself, was reported by a section of media,  to have used a sex stimulant, but he vehemently denied the claims. The singer was already trending following the release of his collabo with Jamaican songstress Cecil, which left many critics with a sour taste.

This led to the  one time Groove Awards winner threatening to sue blogers. “God akisema yes hauwezi sema no. So huyo mwenye ameniweka hosi Parklands, ni nani btw.

Shame on you n****a.That was so lame. Tafuta njia ingine coz Pozee is here to stay. Utangoja kuskia ati nimeadmittiwa lakini wapi. Shame on you nanisikupate coz itakuwa fire. I think hii mazoeano imekuwa sana. Watu wananitext wananiambia ati naskia umeadmittiwa.You’l see fire.

– (When God says Yes, nobody can say otherwise. So who’s this person who claims that I was admitted in Parklands? Shame on you N**gga! That was so lame.

Look for another way to vilify me otherwise Pozee is in the industry to stay. You’ll wait all eternity for me to get admitted, a deed which will not happen.

Shame on you and let me not find you because it’s gonna be fire. I think I have become too lenient with people so comfortably insulting me. My friends and family are checking on me asking ‘Are you alright?’ I’m told you got admitted. Its gonna be lit.” ) Pozee posted on his Instagram wall.

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