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Sami Flinch, Deejay, First Class Parties co-founder

Best and worst place you ever had a gig?

Best place would have to be Space Lounge along Ngong Road. The love you get from fans there is amazing. Doing road shows would be my worst.

Best thing about being a deejay?

You get to travel a lot and meet new people from all faces of the world. Also, the feeling you get when the crowd moves to your music is unexplainable.

Worst mistake you regret?

I probably do not regret anything because all my experiences in life shape who I am today and I always try to be a better person than yesterday.

Biggest misconception people have about you?

That we deejays are all about having fun and we are never serious on anything. There is more to it than just playing music and having fun.

Lowest amount of money you have ever been paid at any performance?

Lowest would be absolutely nothing. My fans would actually buy me beer because of my good music and I would go to the bar and trade them in for money. Highest amount, I will not mention for my safety and privacy.

Best place you have ever visited in Kenya?

Archers Post just past Isiolo.

Worst habits?

I tend to be stubborn and if something is not how I want it to be, I don’t do it. I also flirt too much with women.

Best advice you would give someone in their 20s?

Trust in God and believe in yourself. Try as much to be self-reliable and fear no one. Also, do what makes you happy and never do anything to impress others, but yourself. Self-actualisation is important as it keeps you grounded. Have fun, work hard and most importantly, pray.

Lowest moment in your life?

When my family doubted my abilities of being an entertainer.

Biggest addiction?

My family. I can do anything to make them happy.

Worst advice you ever received?

Wewe ni star, usikubali pesa chini ya Sh50,000.

Best physical feature?

My legs and face.

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