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Joanne Ball Burgess aka Jo-1 an accomplished dancer

Joanne Ball Burgess aka Jo-1 is an accomplished dancer, dance trainer, yogi and singer. Manuel Ntoyai chats her up about her style

My fashion journey began when I was around 15-years-old. I wanted to dress in all the latest styles. I remember my parents telling me, ‘We cannot afford all these things, so if you want to wear the latest styles you need to get a job.’ So, essentially, the journey began around the time I got my first job working at a vacuum cleaning office.

I quickly realised I was working hard to spend all of my money on sneakers. And here is where I discovered dressing preferences and how I felt  about my dressing rather than trying to keep up with a particular style.

My most memorable fashion moment is hard to think of just one, but I remember being eight-months pregnant and dressed in snake leather with gold spikes on my shoulders for a show. I was also wearing black leather gloves and Gothic goggles.

My eyelashes were dramatic with long, white and red lashes. My shoes were four-inch patton leather platforms that buckled up to my knees. I was pure Afro-punk and prego. I was performing and I was the sexiest prego mamma you’ve ever seen. Ha-ha-ha.

A day in my life as a fashion enthusiast starts with evaluating my choices for shows, music videos or performances, which always begins with a mind concept. From the concept comes the research. Once the outfit is either purchased or made, the fun part comes while piecing it together with accessories. I like to be edgy and daring.

My range features fun yoga clothes, varied Afro-print jumpsuits, sexy sequin dresses, harem pants, punk and colourful tye and dye outfits.

If money was no object, I’d buy a lot of the experimental clothes that we see on runways.

My favourite international designers are Ade Bakare, Zara, Marc Jacobs, Electrothreads and Yes We Vibe for sneakers.

I believe you should wear bright colours and cool fabrics in the summer.

Everyone should own an outfit that can be dressed down with sneakers and dressed up with heels and a purse.

I would most love to dress as I do now. I love my style.

If I weren’t an artiste, I am not sure I  would want to be anything else. I am content.

I am now wearing yellow batik harem pants and a blue Zara casual shirt.

My best fashion buy is my sneaker collection.

My style icon depends with what role I am playing.

My go-to accessory is black, punk-style earrings and my silver rings made by Naje.

I could live in a remote place with a lot of sun, nature and a beach.

My signature scent is peppermint and vanilla.

My fashion obsession is definitely sneakers!

I stock up on natural lotions and essential oils.

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