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Ornaments made of bottle tops

Sandra Wekesa

When it comes to what best to do with old bottle tops, a lot of ideas could be feasible. For Faith Motuko, when she discovered she could create great ornaments out of bottle tops, she didn’t sleep on the idea.

She rode with it and made sure she made something out of it. To her, the sense of fashion just made everything work out easily.

In as much as it started as a way of cleaning the environment, she couldn’t imagine how far she could go with the idea. She started by collecting bottle tops from hotels.

“Since I reside in Ngumo, I would go with a bucket to the nearest local restaurant or bar every day and ask them to fetch bottle tops for me. Thereafter I would make an ornament and sell it,” she says

In her stand the bottle tops products stand out.

“I make sure that my products are not expensive, this is because I sell them to people with little purchasing power. Like this toy plane that I made costs only Sh600, the bangles that have been made of beads and wire mesh and decorated with a few beads costs Sh500 only,” she says.

However, Faith says scouting restaurants wasn’t an easy task because most of the waiters who were in charge of sorting out the bottle tops as they opened beers and sodas didn’t have time to do so.

“They threw them in the bucket anyhow. So every time I got home I ensured that I spent most of my times sorting them out.

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