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Miss Nelly, releases her debut solo single – ‘Salama’

A few months ago, four-member gospel hip-hop group, Recapp, broke up. This was made apparent when the group’s only female member, Miss Nelly, released her debut solo single, Salama. Grace Wachira caught up with the 24-year-old singer


Just last year, Recapp won our hearts with the Road to Ambition (R2A) album. Did you see the break-up coming?

I cannot say a definite yes or no. When we came together to form Recapp, we were all still our own individual artistes with our own preferences. We knew at some point we would follow our independent strengths. We made the decision early this year.

We did not have a timeline as to when we would go our separate ways though. Nonetheless, we are still good friends, only that we could not be selfish about our varied callings.

How has it been since you parted ways?

Well, first of all, we had a great collective fan base that loved us as Recapp. So, I know we broke a few hearts, but I have gotten a lot of love from people and I feel generally encouraged. But I must admit that it has not been easy.

How difficult has it been?

While working as a group, each member has a role to play. The work is split and it becomes much easier, but now I have to do and handle a lot of things that I previously couldn’t by myself. It feels like starting all over, but not completely.

The songwriting and other concepts are now squarely up to me, but so far so good. Also, the transition from hip-hop to Afro-pop has been smooth and I thank God. Despite singing together, we are also friends, so I miss them. We used to have a lot of hangouts and that has changed a bit since going our separate ways. 

Tell us about Salama, the song you’ve just released.

I wrote Salama with the help of Gideon Kimanzi. It was from a place of uncertainty that I was feeling like I couldn’t trust myself completely. The inspiration behind it is the comfort of peace and assurance that we get from God knowing He has a great plan for us.

This year, I graduated as a lawyer, but I can’t say for certain that I will pursue that path. All through, my heart has been in music, so I have had an internal conflict, but I have learnt to take one day at a time and trust in God. That’s how Salama came into being.

So, what’s next for Miss Nelly?

For now, I am focused on being consistent and building the ‘Miss Nelly’ brand. I have four songs that I have recorded already, so look out for them. This year, I have covered a few songs on my YouTube channel and with my love for devotions and the scripture, I find myself gravitating towards the girls’ ministry.

In past years, I battled with low self-esteem and I know there are girls out there who struggle with the same. I want to keep at it as well as produce more music.

With your model-like looks into consideration, what would you be in another life?

Hahaa… I get that model vibe a lot. However, I think in another life I would be a cook. I know pretty well my way around the kitchen and love preparing and coming up with great meals. So, let’s see what the future holds for me.

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