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Madrassa teacher gets life sentence for sodomy

A Madrassa teacher has been sentenced to life in prison by a Malindi court after he was found guilty of sodomy.

Principal magistrate Silvia Wewa said the court had established that Omar Said, an Islamic teacher, sodomised his nine-year-old mentally ill step son on several occasions.

Wewa said medical reports revealed that the minor had bruises in his private part, a clear proof that he was defiled.

She said the probation report revealed that the victim’s parents had not reported several other sodomy incidents because of fear.

The magistrate said cases of defilement are rampant in Malindi and the sentence accorded to Said would act as a deterrence to others who commit such injustices on minors.

“I hereby order the accused to be sentenced to life imprisonment, which should be a lesson to others,’’ she ruled.

She hailed the victim’s mother for defending the rights of her child and ensuring he got justice.

Muslims For Human Rights (Muhuri) and Sauti ya Wanawake human rights activists hailed the judgement as victory against gender-based violence.

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