Obado freed on Sh500,000 bond in weapons cache probe

Migori Governor Okoth Obado sighed with relief Friday after Kibera magistrate court released him on bail in the gun possession probe.

Chief magistrate Joyce Gandani dismissed an application by the prosecution to detain Obado for 15 days saying there were no compelling reasons.

“The prosecution has failed to establish that the investigators should continue holding the respondent in custody. There are no compelling reasons to justify the denial of bond here,” she ruled, adding that she was satisfied Obado was not a flight risk.

She freed him on Sh500,000 bond with a surety of a similar amount or cash bail Sh200,000.

She further ordered the besieged governor not to interfere, by himself or agents, with ongoing investigations failure to which the bond will be cancelled

According to the magistrate, any arrested person is entitled to bail or bond before or after being charged in court, unless there are compelling reasons against it.

“I note that the Rapogi home where the guns were allegedly found is one of the places he was barred from in a another case and he stated he has no intention of going there,” she said.

Magistrate Gandani further noted that the alleged firearms were found by EACC officers and that the possibility the governor would influence the EACC officers was remote.

“Any further investigation like confirmation of firearm data, mobile data and others do not require the respondent’s incarceration as he has no control whatsoever over them,” she said.

Obado was ordered to report to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) offices every fortnight. He was arrested on Tuesday and spent two nights at Gigiri Police Station.

-Bernice Mbugua

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