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Plight of female matatu crew

I was in a matatu heading to Ruaka on Tuesday, and seated behind me was an old man of about 60, who started speaking to himself the moment he got in. He kept mumbling stuff trying to attract attention, but people simply ignored him.

There was a matatu crisis at the time and those that were on the roads took advantage of the situation and hiked fares. This one was charging Sh70, instead of the usual Sh50. Everybody paid without complaining, except this old man.

The dude started speaking rudely to the kange and said he would only pay Sh50. He rattled off in Kikuyu and all I knew was he was cracking up passengers at the expense of the kange.

She kept calm all along. He was adamant on paying Sh50 and the tout got angry, but he just laughed in her face. She was visibly upset, but it was obvious she wasn’t getting through to him.

The driver got angry and stopped the matatu and stormed out to deal with the old man, who quickly took out Sh200 and gave it to the kange smiling.

He actually thought he was being funny. The driver was really angry and warned that he would throw him out if he wasn’t respectful.

But the old guy wouldn’t shut up after the driver went back behind the wheel. The kange couldn’t hold her anger anymore and burst out at the man telling him she fears neither man nor woman and would beat him up without blinking.

She was a plus size woman compared to the skinny and frail grandpa, and when she roared at him, it seemed he’d dropped his tongue and didn’t speak for the rest of the way. The fact that he only paid when the driver demanded it showed that female kanges face a lot of contempt from men (not all).

Men who can only respect other men and gleefully disrespect women. I wonder how things would have ended if the driver were a woman. The most upsetting thing is that, people were just laughing at his ludicrous behaviour.

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