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Call her Shiloh

What made you go for this car?

First of all she’s not just a car, she’s much more special than just a hunk of metal and I call her Shiloh. What else, she’s German and everyone knows that German machines are built to perfection.

She’s very comfortable and smooth on the road, I cant stand a car that’s wobbly on the road or one that doesn’t inspire confidence above 100kph by jiggling all over the road.

Furthermore, when you take care of it properly by servicing it regularly and using the right parts it won’t let you down. For me Shiloh has been simply perfect.

What does it do for you?

It gives me memories. There are so many memories, but I guess the most constant but underrated is that it feels and drives perfectly. There was this time I was driving on the bypass, just cruising and listening to my jams, all along assuming I’m doing maybe 80kph, but when I looked down I was really shocked.

I won’t say what speed I was doing because I may get in trouble, but it was fascinating that you don’t really get the sensation that you’re speeding, unlike other cars.

You have to keep your eye on the speedometre to know what speed you’re doing. Obviously since it’s a BMW, or the “Ultimate Driving Machine,” it loves to be driven and I’m always looking for an excuse to go on a long road trip.


None at all. For me Shiloh has been faultless and perfect in every way. I know some people have had nasty experiences with their cars, but based on my experience, none at all. I guess I was lucky to get a car that’s solid. Maybe others with their cars would have a different experience.

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