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Movies guaranteed to boost manliness

Feeling low on testosterone? Had an interaction with a bitter bald headed feminist and came out worse? While there are many things you can do to reaffirm your masculinity to yourself such as going to the gym or growing a beard for NoShaveNovember, the easiest, in my opinion, is to indulge in some manly movies that will have you back to normal in no time.

Top Gun – This was the inspiration for the list and one I watch once a year. It follows the story of Maverick and Goose, two fighter pilots at the top of their game who are accepted into the Top Gun programme to sharpen their skills in aircraft close combat, otherwise known as dogfighting.

What follows is a confrontation between the current top dog, IceMan and Maveric and many manly scenes of conflict, camaraderie and eventually bromance between the rivals.

The Godfather; The ultimate gangster movie that all other gangster movies aspire to be and a must watch for any man planning on running his own life the way he see’s fit.

It starts with the immigration of a young Corleone from Italy and follows his growth through petty crime to being the biggest mob boss. The trilogy then follows his sons who have different views of how to handle things.

The movie emphasizes the importance of family and how it’s often keeping up appearances as being tough that helps you survive. The brutal movie shows how the quiet guys can be the most dangerous.

Dirty harry

Do you feel lucky punk? Clint Eastwood makes nothing but manly movies and here he’s Harry Callahan, a rule-breaking San Francisco cop who hates the press and his bosses but above all, he hates crime.

The final chase with the killer is thrilling as Eastwood dominates every moment of screen time, setting the mold for every “maverick cop” character in movies to follow. Few have done so with the sheer style Harry did and in this movie and its sequels.

The Good the bad and the ugly

This list is by no means comprehensive but Clint Eastwood again makes an appearance here as the man with no name. It’s a sprawling Western epic that follows the adventures of three gunfighters looking for Sh20 million in stolen gold.

It’s a masterpiece that continues to get better and better with each viewing, which ideally should be annual. It plays to our moral sentiments, weighing the consequences of good and evil, but it does so in a realistic manner.

Other movies that should make it on this list include all the Rambo Movies, Alien VS predator, 12 angry men, the bicycle thieves and more that I’ll be reviewing here in the near future.

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