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Hotel mulls banning ogling guest

It seems this strange world accommodates all manner of people, some with outrageous demands, varied fantasies and queer source of gratifications.

While most guests will faithfully patronize a hotel because of its exquisite cuisine, world-class conferencing, soothing relaxation in a stately suite or just to relax and unwind by the poolside, there are others who love hotels for other reasons.

And these reasons have nothing to do with the availability of soft pillows in the room, ultra-high thread count bedsheets, a large room with a balcony and skyline view, or the opportunity to host a midnight pajama party in the room.

It has everything to do with the scenic swimming pool plus sexy women who use it to swim or just lie topless or in tiny bikinis that reveal more than they hide!  One middle aged man is overly obsessed with women (beautiful ones) at a certain top city hotel that recently hosted a celebrated actor.

The guest, in his late 60s and rumored to own a second-hand car yard along Ngong Road is so dedicated to his queer gratification, that he never misses a day at the hotel’s pool, “Until last month when he was sick,” confesses a pool attendant.

While the man is not a member of the hotel’s Spa and has to part with Sh1,500 daily to access the swimming pool, he has puzzled the management because unlike other guests, he never swims!

“The always giggling man just pays to lie on our sunbeds as he ogles at women swimming or those sunbathing,” reveals the perplexed attendant, adding that the hotel is at loss whether to ban him, “But we have no legal justification.”

The guest described by waitress as a generous tipper, is said to be deeply consumed by his peculiar source of gratification, that he has reserved a certain corner of the swimming pool that has unobstructed view of the Olympic size swimming pool and its female frequenters.

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