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5 min with Daniel Dyer– Global Brand Ambassador Grants Whisky

Alfayo Onyango

Daniel Dyer is the global ambassador at Scottish whisky firm Grants. Being astute in his delicacies, he was carefully selected to be the lead Grants promoter selling the brand worldwide.

What brings you to Kenya and East Africa?

Daniel: It’s a matter of thank you. Asante sana for the continuous support. For being great supporters and drinkers of Grants Whisky brand. Very importantly, I personally had to come here to launch the new Grants Triple Wood, which is the celebration of a new bottle, a new name but the same liquid.

I personally love the new bottle because it’s better, it’s bolder, it’s more premium-looking and hence it’s something you can display confidently in the club if you go out with your friends. Also, the new bottle’s name has changed and it explains the process we use to make the drink.

What about Nairobi you managed to see and got to experience?

Daniel: I think the nightlife here has been amazing. The atmosphere, the vibes, the people, the dancing, and the people just don’t stop. I love how they love their whisky. I have been to J’s, Mercury’s and Forty Forty’s, and also got to see giraffes.

The culture is great here. I loved tasting nyama-choma, the food and seeing where traditional beads are being made with proceeds going directly to them. A lot has made me happy here. The sevens rugby team killed the performance too.

Why do you feel it is important to leave Grants’ footprint in Kenya?

Daniel: Grants is a loud and bold brand. The liquid is great, but the time and effort that goes into making the whisky is immaculate meaning you are only getting quality. The new bottle is cool and the originators want the Grants journey to go as far as it can.

What inspired the new bottle design?

Daniel: It’s been about 10 to 11 years since we did a rebrand. We want to go into the future of this super sweet spicy whisky being packaged in a contemporary and cool bottle, top it off with a new name but still maintain our traditions.

It’s amazing craftsmanship that should have taken place a little while ago if you ask me.  We have the best cooperages and blends men in the land so that uniqueness gives us that control of the whisky. There are 190 people that go into making the whisky you taste in a Grants bottle, hence that effort demands an image that conveys the quality.

Are we going to get price changes?

Daniel: Not even a bit. Even with a thicker glass, bolder colour, more premium out-look and label, that will affect the cost of making the bottle for us, but we do not wish to pass it on to the consumer. Most people know we have a quality alcohol, and it’s great that it is affordable. There are counterfeit problems worldwide, but with the new bottle’s branding, it is difficult to achieve such a finish.

How do you expect this to affect your sales?

Daniel: I believe that if you put the new bottle next to the old one, you will see the massive difference so we expect sales to increase.

How has Grants grown over the years in Kenya?

Daniel: The sales have been consistent. It’s been pretty straight-lined so hopefully, me being here can get people talking about it more, and even better, to drink it.

What’s the best way to enjoy a Grants?

Daniel: As I said, it’s sweet and spicy. Works well with cocktails, soda, ice, and can even go down well on its own.

Any future plans for Kenya from Grants Whiskey?

Daniel: Right now the rebrand is a huge milestone, and I have an idea of what kind of place Nairobi is. Great people, great vibes, positive energy so I will be looking forward to returning once again. Asante sana.

Fun Fact: Scottish whisky brands spell it Whisky, while Irish ones spell it Whiskey.

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