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Nassizu Murume

Singer Nassizu Murume seems to court controversy as his star continues to shine brighter. The Watanashati Classics signed artiste has been making rounds in the media, with the latest being TopReggaeShow, that runs on Meru FM and broadcasts in his native language. During the radio show, the singer was blasted for copying the western culture too much in his new look.

“Yes, it is true that I have come back with another look, which represents whom I am. Bold. So when I see people questioning my sexuality because of things like earrings and the way I dress, then I think something is wrong. They have to accept my brand and music the way it is,” he told PD Wikendi.

At the same time, his manager Kayfar, confirmed that the Kamware song maker will be conducting a media tour to promote his brand and new music, which he says cost them some “good money”.

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