Don’t scrap Woman MP post, warns Shebesh

Irene Githinji @gitshee

Public Service and Youth Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Rachel Shebesh yesterday said women will strongly resist any attempts to scrap seats, elective or nominated created for them by the Constitution.

Shebesh raised concern that women are being unfairly targeted in the ongoing debate on whether to call a referendum to among other agenda, reduce the number of legislators in the elective political seat.

Calls have been made to amend the Constitution to scrap Senator, Woman’s Representative and nominated MPs seats owing to the burgeoning wage bill which has lagged behind development projects.

“With the referendum debate, the 47 women seats are being targeted as well as seats by nomination because it is the easy target. I want to say we will prepare for them and we will ensure that the gains made so far are not lost,” said Shebesh.

But even as she defended women positions, Shebesh challenged those already in leadership to take a firm stance in their positions and lead the way in passing their agenda forward.

She urged female MCAs to aggressively take part in debating issues on the floor of the House.

Shebesh spoke in Nairobi yesterday when County Assemblies Forum (CAF) launched the curriculum for women in leadership positions, developed by Kenya School of Government (KSG).

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