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WWF-Kenya to support innovative winners as world marks GIS Day

Mercy Njoroge

World Wide Fund for Nature – Kenya (WWF-Kenya) has announced a call on ideas and solutions that address environmental challenges using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

Speaking during celebrations to mark GIS Day held at Kenyatta University, WWF-Kenya Spatial Planning Manager Zachary Maritim said apart from using the technology for conservation, it is an objective way of determining a fair distribution of resources to address and minimize conflicts.

“Without GIS, there would be no objective way of determining equitable distribution of resources for the benefit of people,” he said.

“When fed with well thought-out criteria, GIS non-subjectively feeds back results that optimize the use of land and sea spaces without having to discriminate who owns what where, but through the provision of what is the best use of a given space, promoting joint management of spaces and hence minimizing conflict,” he added.

Globally, GIS Day is commemorated on November 14 every year to celebrate the achievements and share emerging trends in geospatial technology and its power to transform lives. To mark the day, WWF-Kenya joined Kenyatta University under the GIS Day theme, “Discovering the world through GIS” and the university’s rallying call of “Mappiest Place on earth”.

With GIS technology, an individual can have an eye birds view of every feature on the earth’s surface, in the sea and in the air and with further techniques, beneath the earth and below the oceans.

GIS technology is one of WWF-Kenya’s cornerstones for conservation planning and natural capital assessment to determine ecosystem that drives livelihoods. It is an integrated system for data collection, processing, analyzing and dissemination to a wide range of audiences and users.

Apart from zoning out Marine areas thorough Marine Spatial Planning, GIS technology also provides humans with the ability to plan their spaces over time, for orderly and equitable distribution of populations and activities.

To celebrate this year’s GIS Day, WWF-Kenya will support winners through its innovation accelerator —  PandaLabs — a decentralized innovation accelerator supporting new tech and commercial market-based solutions to the Sustainable  Development Goals.

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