Brexit result closer to reality, says May

London, Wednesday

The UK is “significantly closer” to deliver on the result of the Brexit vote, Theresa May has told MPs.

The prime minister was speaking before a crunch cabinet meeting where she is seeking her senior ministers’ backing for the UK and EU’s draft agreement.

She told the Commons it would give the UK control of borders, laws and money – and also protect business and jobs.

But Jeremy Corbyn said the UK would be stuck in an “indefinite half-way house without any real say” over the rules.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, the Labour leader said Mrs May was putting a “false choice” before Parliament between her “botched deal and no deal”.

The BBC’s Norman Smith said the prime minister would seek to head off the threat of any resignations by telling her cabinet ministers that while not perfect, the agreement was as good as it can get.

Downing Street, he added, were pointing to what they view as significant wins, including no separate customs border for Northern Ireland and an arbitration mechanism to ensure the UK can exit the proposed “backstop” customs plan.

Ministers – including Brexiteers like Liz Truss, Esther McVey and Penny Mordaunt – have been filing into Downing Street to get their first look at the agreement in a special reading room, amid speculation about further resignations. -BBC

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