Woman seeks justice after kin flatten house in land dispute

A Kitui woman is spending nights in the cold after her relatives demolished her house following a land dispute.

Kasese Musyoka and her five children have been homeless in the last four days after her husband, who has married another woman and lives elsewhere, reportedly led other relatives in demolishing her home at Mulutu village near Kitui town.

She said that was second such incident. “The first time, they partly demolished the houses and when I reported the matter to police, they returned and flattened all the houses,” she said.

Kesese’s mother-in-law Wayua Kakose, who is also her aunt, said she was never married to her son as she claims.

“She was just staying here and time has come for her to go back home and we wonder why she is resisting,” said Kakose.

Kitui paralegal project coordinator Isaac Mutinda said 30 to 40 cases of harassment of women by relatives because of land issues are reported to his office monthly, and urged relevant authorities to protect the victims.

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