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Mother’s six-year-agonising search for her children

Elizabeth Mwahu’s twins went missing six years ago. But she still hopes she will be reunited with them one day

Everyday while taking a shower, Elizabeth Mwahu holds a deep scar on her lower abdomen— the scar she got after undergoing a Caesarian section while giving birth to her twins James Mwahu and Samuel Muiruri.

She is nostalgic. Her voice is monotone, the hallow voice of someone trying to avoid emotions. But, still she plasters a smile on her face, a smile that depicts hope that one day she will be reunited with her twins.

Gut feeling

She recalls the incidences of that fateful day on late 2012. “My ex-boyfriend and the father to my children, used to visit us once in a while. On this day, I had gone to visit my younger sister in school together with the twins. Their dad had called the previous day saying he would want to see the boys.

I requested him to come in the evening. A few minutes after he had settled down, he received many phone calls. I could tell that the person from the other end needed some assistance with money,” says Elizabeth.

So, he needed to go to Juja to get some and requested to go with the children. She couldn’t refuse because her sons enjoyed being with him and ideally being boys, they loved cars.

It had been two hours since the four-year-old boys had left with their father. Nightfall was fast approaching and it was getting cold outside. She then remembered that her sons, Jamo and Sam had left the house without a sweater.

Elizabeth’s heart begun to beat fast—all she could think of was medical bills she would incur just in case her sons were to be rushed to hospital for developing a flu. She had this gut feeling that all was not well. Therefore, she decided to text her ex-boyfriend informing him to bring the children back home.

Home alone

Thirty minutes later, he arrived home, but alone. She asked him curiously where the children were. And he drew the same question back at her. At this time she was confused. In her mind, she knew the children had left with him.

She actually thought that he was trying to play a game and she decided to go back to the car to check for herself. Only to find the car empty. She rushed back to the house and asked what exactly happened.

He explained that the moment he took the children from the house, they started crying saying that they wanted to stay home with their mum. He, therefore, left them playing outside hoping that they would go back to the house.

In her state of confusion, she rushed out again to try to find them to no avail. She came back and asked her baby daddy to accompany her to their previous house, in a nearby estate where she thought they might have strayed to, but the children were nowhere to be seen.

Hope against hope

She screamed attracting the attention of her neighbours, who offered to help in the search. “I was so broken, I didn’t know the nightfall was coming with a lot of darkness and sorrows in my life. My only children had been abducted by total strangers, that’s was the only thing that I kept on thinking.

With the help of my neighbours, we searched the whole area for three hours. When the entire squad got tired I decided to report the matter at Juja police station,” she says.

The next day, still the children had not been found. Her life went on hold and she could frequently got panic attacks just thinking of her missing children.

Three days later, she decided to report to Muthaiga Police station hoping. She also printed out ‘Missing Children’ posters, pinned them on the wall, at electricity polls, in schools and hospitals. She further went to the media, hoping against hope that her children would be found.

Weeks, months and now six years later she has never set her eyes on them again. She faithfully goes to Milimani Law Courts whenever missing children are paraded.

Not one to tire, the love of a mother looking for her children took her anywhere and everywhere a lost child was found. She has lost count of the number of children’s homes she has been to. She still hopes to be re-united with her children.

She never got other children. To her this is akin to trying to replace her boys. Perhaps this explains how much the situation affected her. Even as the boys’ birthday on December 30, is approaching, she hopes they are okay wherever they are and are thinking of her as their mother.

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