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Policy on physical activity wins top academic’s praise

GENERAL: Scholars have lauded the government’s move to put in place a National Policy on Physical Activity, to be launched soon, a leading voice in sports medicine has said.

Addressing an International Colloquium on Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science at Kenyatta University, Prof Vincent Onywera, said the policy was long overdue and commended the government for deeming it fit to put it in place. 

“The policy is popular in developed world and we must thank our government for deeming it fit to join the club of physical activity enthusiasts. It is a lifestyle that prevents Non Communicable Diseases,” said Onywera a professor of the Physical Education and Exercise Science at Kenyatta University.

He urged Kenyans to eschew societal stereotypes where partaking of cheap healthy food is shunned by majority of people, who set expectations high, to the detriment of their health.

The colloquium was held in collaboration with the universities of Helsinki and Haaga Helia of Finland and Kenyatta University. Onywera said Kenya and other African nations need a robust talent identification and development programmes on athletics to regain their Olympic glory.

Onywera was presenting a paper entitled ‘Moving Forward by Looking Backwards: The Need To Promote Habitual Physical Activity to Preserve Kenya’s Olympic Glory’.

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