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When slay queens kill the feminism idea

All of a sudden, everyone is a feminist. Including slay queens. Land a sponsor, you’re miss independent then a feminist because you don’t like the broke brothers. No romance without finance, is what has come to define feminism nowadays. And well, in some way, this might be a dream come true for the likes of Zipporah Kittony who for long fought to convince younger women especially, to join the bandwagon. The idea being, ‘you believe in gender equality?’ Congratulations, you’re a feminist.

But in their haste to convince us that feminism is a simple shared value, they forgot to draw clear lines, red lines for that. Because being too crude, too rude and hating everyone’s husband or boyfriends, sponsor heck even Ben 10’s because you’re single makes you a feminist. Or claiming sexual assault just because a broke-looking (because it would be rude to dismiss some wealthy looking fella) strange man attempted to flirt with you. Well if this is what we call feminism, then feminism is dead. And the little fights feminists today pick is just proof of its demise.

All was well and for a moment we thought we were finally winning this battle, but no, a new wave of feminism is here working hard to portray feminists as weaklings who cannot stand a bad date, let alone negotiate for pay rise. It’s so sad that a genuine crusade of gender equality has become just a form of attention seeking.

I am actually surprised that more women are calling themselves feminist just because they’re not married. Feminists just because some guy they met at 1824 broke their heart. Ask people what they understand about feminism and they’ll tell you feminists are evil man-haters.

For the last time, feminism was never about bashing men, neither was it about hating them. It was about bashing a patriarchal society. Feminism is about fighting this system not the men or women within it.

I might be a strong and independent woman. But that does not mean putting down men for every problem I undergo. Yes, I might bash men on issues I feel should be addressed, but that does not make me a feminist. Not everything is a man’s fault. Let us be realistic women, as much as there are problematic from time to time, we don’t have to pretend we don’t need men once in a while. Feminism is not just the label, its about action or deed.

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