Journalist publishes motivational book for youth

Peter Ngila

A young journalist working with Mediamax Group, Kennedy Mwangi has written a book called Living a Resourceful Life. Mwangi, who is a gospel musician with two albums to his name, works with Kameme FM, a sister broadcaster to the People Daily.   

Hisbook, which is motivational in genre, revolves around the discovery and exploitation of talents at a young age.  The book has seven chapters, which include: Helping Teenagers to Recognise and Develop Their Talents.

The publication has interesting direct anecdotes from Mwangi’s personal experiences, especially as a child growing up in Central Kenya. In the foreword of the book, Evangelist Lucy Wa Ngunjiri says the book is meant for everyone and can act as a compass for the youth. “Kennedy is a visionary. No pain or challenge can stop him from pursuing his dream and living resourceful life. I have borrowed inspiration from his book, which I will use to encourage the downhearted,” says wa Ngunjiri.

Mwangi is also leader in Prayer Beyond Boundaries, a church group which is led by Wa Ngunjiri (better known for her Kameme FM radio programme, Itaha ria Muoyo). She says Mwangi is passionate in helping other people achieve their goals and dreams in life.

In another foreword in the book, the Principal of NIBS Technical College, Lizzie Wanyoike, refers to Mwangi as an aggressive and determined young man who emphasises that one has to make the best use of their time in order to make a change in society. “In this book, Mwangi notes that most young people do not realise their dreams nor recognise their talents due to bad company, lack of role models and peer pressure, just to mention a few,” says Wanyoike.Born in the early 90’s in Kirinyaga county, is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Communication and Leadership Management. To order copies of the book, you can contact Kennedy Mwangi via 0728 297 032. email: [email protected]   

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