Road crashes claim 3,000 lives yearly, show statistics

Irene Githinji @gitshee

Approximately 3,000 lives are lost to road crashes in Kenya every year,  statistics show the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) director general Francis Meja on Friday said road safety remains a challenge in the country.

As of November 6, he said the fatalities stood at 2,626 compared to 2,377 last year, those seriously injured at 3,922 compared to 3,240 while the slightly injured were 4,457 compared to 3,638 last year.

Highlighting the status of road safety in the country, Meja said pedestrians are the most vulnerable. “A range of factors contribute to crashes including road user behaviour, road engineering and infrastructure, insufficient post-crash care response among others,” he said.

He spoke at Kenya School of Government (KSG) during a briefing session for Regional and County commanders on measures taken to improve road safety and new policies ahead of the crackdown on non-compliant PSVs and operators.

Meja said private vehicles contribute to fatalities at 30 per cent, followed by commercial vehicles (26) and Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) at 24 per cent.

By counties, Nairobi leads followed by Kiambu, Nakuru, Machakos, Kericho and the Makueni. The leading causes of crashes this year, said Meja, has been human error, estimated at 92 per cent, followed by mechanical issues at five per cent and environmental at three per cent.

Some of the PSV risk factors include speeding, drunk-driving, contravening route and night, unauthorised driving, excess passengers and driver fatigue.

He recommended unpredictable operations including regular change of location as well as utilisation of cameras with night detection capacity to enforce speed laws, among others.

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