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Xmas is coming

Brace yourselves, Christmas is coming. Yay! I can’t keep calm. You know what we always say – Kenyans love festivities. So, nothing wrong with staying true to my roots!

We know you’ll be vacationing somewhere, and we have some ideas for you. How about trying it across the border this time? One of our wanderlust contributors tried out Arusha.

The city to the northeastern side of Tanzania is not only relatively close via Namanga, but also quite the tourist spot. First, it’s an international diplomatic hub, hosting the East African Community among other global organisations, meaning, there are tons of accommodation options.

And second, it’s close to a number of popular attractions that TZ is known for including the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. Hikers especially, this destination should be on your bucket list.

I’ve been there twice and would pick it again as a vacay spot in a heartbeat. Have a read on how it went down for our writer on the Holiday Hunt section.

There’s a lot more other options on what to do this weekend and beyond, as we roll into the holidays. So flip the pages. As usual, we pack yet another amazing read. Thanks for being our loyal reader.

Enjoy the weekend!

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