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A song in my heart

Tell us about yourself

My name is Lydia Mwiti. I am six years old and I go to Pistis Christian School in Karen, where I am in Grade Two.

When did your passion for music begin?

I began singing when I was two years old. I recorded my first audio when I was three.

How did your parents react when they learnt about your passion?

My dad loves playing the guitar and piano, and he discovered my gift when I would sing along to his tunes. He has always encouraged me to work hard and become better at it.

How many songs have you recorded and what inspires your music?

My songs are about the love of Jesus and forgiveness. I have recorded two songs so far. The first one is called Mwangalie and the other one is Amani. I have three more songs in the studio waiting to be recorded.

How do you balance between music and school?

When I’m in school, I focus on schoolwork. During weekends and after school, I concentrate on music.

How do you sharpen your gift?

I practise as many times as I can. My parents also help in making me better.

Who are your role models?

My mum, dad and grandmother, Mary Munga. She’s hardworking.

Who inspires your music?

I want to sing like Alexandra Burke. I think she is the best musician ever.

What’s your favourite subject?

English, as I want to be a great communicator. I also love music.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I would love to be a pilot because my dream is to tour the world. I also want to be a musician.

What do you love doing when you are not singing?

I love dancing, swimming and playing with my friends.

Advice to other children?

Put God first in everything you do. Be humble and work on the talents God has give you. Each person has a gift from God.

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