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Why cars are better than bikes

Motorcyclists are always waxing lyrical about the advantages of bikes over cars such as never getting stuck in traffic and saving on fuel and other associated costs, which add up to a fraction of what a motorist pays. However, having joined the two-wheeled cult recently, there are quite a few drawbacks to two-wheeled mobility.

Forget about arriving clean anywhere, you are constantly exposed to the elements meaning you arrive everywhere covered in a thin film of dust or soaked to the core, or sweaty on account of the heat. Conveniences like air conditioning become a thing of the past.

Breathing complications – the most obvious is to have a windproof jacket to protect your chest, but this does nothing for the air you breathe. Cars are heavy polluters and the smog consists of microscopic particles that lead to respiratory complications. Modern cars have heavy insulation and air-purifying systems to ensure the air coming into the cabin is safe for breathing.

Practicality – Motorcycles are a limited way of commuting, especially if you have to haul luggage, it can be anything as simple as a football or a change of clothes, but it will become a nuisance to ferry around.

Inherently dangerous – There’s no getting away from this, no matter how expensive the riding suit and how careful you are, motorcycles are simply more dangerous than cars. A simple malfunction like a stuck throttle could result in you up a tree or under a bus.

Dating – Ever tried dating a motorcyclist? There are no intimate moments like listening to sweet music on a slow drive home after a candlelit dinner. If you are both biker’s it’s a bit better, but even riding side-by-side your communication is limited to hand gestures and muffled sounds through the helmet.

Weather A reliable weather app becomes your constant companion and a single grey cloud in the sky is cause for alarm. Get caught in a sudden shower in a car and all you have to do is wind up the windows. On a motorcycle the visor fogs up, raindrops make visibility impossible and the tyres seem to be made of butter.

Even with a rain suit, you have to pull over as the initial drops raise the gunk and grime off the tarmac, making it very slippery. Hot weather isn’t much better in riding leathers and on a long ride you will have to stop constantly to cool down or risk baking yourself to death.

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