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Ultimate driving machine

WHO: Oliver Otieno

Standards Officer – Kenya Bureau of Standards

Car: 1987 BMW E30

What made you go for this car in particular?

The luxury and style of the car, it’s simply perfection from any angle when you look at it. I wanted something that was timeless and the E30 is a legend, anyone from the past or the present who looks at it can’t help but agree that it’s a handsome car.

This one, in particular, has the Alpina body kit and 16-inch rims. But the E30 is not just looking as the driving experience is simply sublime, it actually feels like it’s smiling when you drive it and it makes you want to be a better driver every single time you’re behind the wheel. In a word, driving this car is awesome, with a capital A.

What does it do for you?

For me, it boils down to efficiency as this is the car I use on a daily basis. It has the 1.8-litre M10 engine, which is reliable to a fault. I once drove down to Malindi from Nairobi, I fuelled it with Sh5,000 worth of fuel and when I got there I still had quarter a tank to the driver about.

I was pleasantly surprised and the whole journey, even coming back to Nairobi was incident free. It was an epic trip with the sunshine coming through the sunroof, the smells and a wonderful machine to drive. It was one of the best road trips I’ve ever had.

Any downsides?

As with any European classic car it has to be the parts. Some of them are very hard to get and you’re left with no option but to import them, which takes time and can be costly. Apart from that the car itself, being German, is built really well and my mechanic is simply the best, he knows his stuff and keeps my car going.

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