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Honeymoon couple in midnight scuffle over hubby’s ‘unbearable snoring’


Just about everyone occasionally snores, but it happens that there are some who snores like a tractor, or a small ramshackle generator!

Some folks snore after heavy eating while others after a long, tiring day.  Sadly, there are people (both rich and poor) who will snore every night (and day) immediately their eyes shut, for some medical reasons.

There is nothing as irritating as trying to catch some sweet sleep yet coiled next to you is an irritating partner who will not let you get a single wink because of his/her deafening snore. 

An American couple on honeymoon in Kenya recently caused a midnight ruckus in their room after the woman poured cold water on their bed when she failed to stop the “sickening snoring” husband as she told the hotel’s management.

The battle in Room 28 was so loud and prolonged, that it awoke guests on that floor, with many dialling the reception desk to report the incessant commotion. One guest who could not stomach the shouting and bang of tables in Room 28 walked half naked to the offending door and shouted for peace, but there was no reprieve.

The newly-wed woman admitted knowing of her husband’s ‘a snoring headache’ but as she explained it to the hotel duty manager, “tonight the snoring is the loudest and most irritating ever. He should be booked into a separate room,” she insisted, threatening to move to a different bedroom should he decline to move.

“I have told him to exercise and avoid overeating so that he can shed off some of his excess fat, but talking to him is like addressing a stone,” shouted the angry woman. “I love this man.

That is why I accepted his hand in marriage, but I do not know how I will spend my life with this kind of a husband,” she cried.

A curious sizeable crowd made up of sleepy guests stood furiously reprimanding the couple. The management apologised to them and promised to calm down the situation.

After 30 minutes, which seemed like an eternity, the couple made peace and the man promised not to snore. No one knows how he managed it because the hotel slept in harmony thereafter.

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