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Solitude of a nest

think I am an introverted extrovert. I love going to quiet spots by my lonesome and enjoying a drink or two, as I watch videos on my phone, read a book or even write poetry or, in this case, an article. But I cannot survive alone for long, methinks. That is why I love staycations, two days at least, at most three days.

Beyond that, I go mad and look for the nearest exit to a friend’s or sister’s house where I relentlessly hound them for the company and pepper them with inane questions.

But short staycations rock; a getaway to a quiet location, close or within the city; someplace I can go and have conversations with myself without being interrupted by rude humans with little respect for people who have conversations with themselves.

One such stop is Kingfisher Nest. For those who do not know what a kingfisher is, I got you. It is a green and yellow bird that eats fish and lives in a nest. Now, I might not be a kingfisher but Kingfisher Nest off Mwanzi Road, in the heart of Westlands, is definitely my nest.

I love going to their rooftop pool and swimming laps, hello everyone, my name is…and I am a fitness freak. I also enjoy sitting on their white rattan chairs staring at the Westlands skyline by day and when the sun is setting and the golden rays glinting off the blue pool water.

Watching sunsets is my favourite therapy. I have envisioned coming here with my nieces because the pool is heated, but I have not yet had the courage to drag them with me. Quiet time is hard to achieve with an exuberant child pair, you know. All in good time though.

Curling up with a book while sipping on a cocktail by the poolside is my dream; I will literally sleep by the poolside with a book and dream of sleeping by the poolside with a book. But enough about me, and a bit more on the food and drinks, I am, after all, a good African child and I do love my food.

You can order food from the rooftop, though it actually comes from the hotel’s kitchen downstairs. I really love their pizzas as the crust is thin and they do not skimp on toppings. Their menu is Indian and Italian, so you can pick something from that.

If you are spending the night, you can also just simply cook something in your apartment kitchen that also comes with a sitting area.

The apartment walls are adorned with beautiful paintings whose main subjects change, though the main colors tend to be blues and yellows.  A single room goes for around Sh10,000 a night, but it is negotiable if you are staying for a longer period of time.

A lot of thought and care was put into designing Kingfisher. Right from the parking lot, the pillars are painted yellow and blue in true kingfisher colours. This sort of heralds the attention to detail and design that one will come into contact with at the hotel.

My only issue with Kingfisher, is that their parking lot is a bit cramped. Despite having two levels just for parking, one has to navigate around pillars. If you are not an expert at parking in tight spots, my friend, come with a valet. Or just call a cab.

Besides, you cannot take cocktails and drive. Have a peaceful week ahead and have loads of conversations with yourself, why don’t you? It is better if you have them at the Nest though, the beautiful views here come sans judgment.

Besides, the cocktails might just egg on that conversation you have been postponing with yourself.

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