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The cocktail fiasco in clubs

I love cocktails, but they are not my go to when I’m up in the club getting lit. Even if they are such a steal on the happy hour menu, I would much rather stick to a glass of wine.  It’s not that I’m against them as a tipple but my apprehension is borne of too many a bad experience.

A cocktail should be well balanced. Cocktails have moved beyond pina coladas with an umbrella and glacé cherry garnish. Most discerning drinkers, like yours truly, now know their mojitos from their margaritas – Even though I may not know how to make them at home.

So why would you give me a cocktail that is almost 90 per cent ice and soda based? Then you go ahead and unashamedy charge me Sh1,000 for such an uninspired and bland attempt at a cocktail. I will obviously end up drinking too much without necessarily feeling a high of any sort. 

I would rather have a fresh juice, at least with that you get some actual nutrients and vitamins. Then there are those lackadaisical half-hearted cocktails, like a long island with only two types of alcohol.

Then there’s the happy hour where you either buy one, and get the other free, or you buy a cocktail at a percentage. Usually, these offers are a steal.

Only, at times the real deal is also a steal, from the client. The cocktails are watered down, and the alcohol is little more than a drop. If not that, they mix in cheap alcohol that will end up giving you a massive hangover.

We all know there is no way out of a hangover if you are on cocktails the whole night without hydrating. But, truth be told, some cocktails lack legit contents. So hey there cocktail lover, do we share the same sentiments?

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