Group seeks religious tolerance through painting

Bridget Ondu @PeopleDailyKe

A peace initiative dubbed Optimistic Yellow has begun painting places of worship in uniform colours to foster unity among people of different faiths in Coast region.

The project being undertaken by Colour in Faith organisation hopes that painting all the mosques, temples and churches in yellow, will encourage faithful to embrace each other as brothers and sisters.

Organisation founder Nabila Alibhai said yellow is believed to be the colour of divinity and it symbolises the sun which shines on every person.

Alibhai urged Coast residents to embrace inter-faith interactions to end religious discrimination. Yesterday, Alibhai and her team painted both Masjid Rahma mosque in Mtepeni and St John’s ACK Church in Kikambala.

“We are targeting churches, mosques and temples because through them we can gain access to many people and pass our information which is unity. We have painted 14 buildings in Likoni (Mombasa), Msambweni (Kwale), Kibera and Baba Dogo (Nairobi) areas,” said Alibhai.

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