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Our children have taken over the house

The holidays are here and as usual we have no idea what to do with the uncontrollable noises at home. Many parents are working out ways to send their children away to their grandparents’. This might, however, not entirely work because we have about two months with them out of school.

So, my husband, Justin and I sat, staring, awed at how much energy our two older daughters had. Our little one, Ella could only do so much as she flapped her arms, clapped and laughed with their every move. “Jeez!” I began, “You’d think they just had a box of chocolate.”

Justin leaned in and tried to whisper, unaware that his whisper sounded more like a hiss and was obviously louder. “With all this noise, I doubt we’ll be able to get rid of them!”

Ideas to consider

My eldest daughter overheard the hissing and immediately turned towards us. “Dad!” she quipped. “I have an idea that you might like if you want to get rid of us.” Oh dear me, you would have thought that she would be offended after overhearing such plans, but no.

Not the Mwambi daughters. She was already crafting something up helping us execute a grand plan. “How about we go to cousin Breisy’s for two weeks’, then another two weeks at Cousin Essie’s.” We remained silent as she paused to count the remaining number of weeks left unaccounted for.

Let the little kings rule

In the end, we considered two sleep overs (obviously not that long), a visit to their gramps at the Coast and a few weeks around town so they take part in some Christmas activities happening in our church. We’ll try as best to bond with our minions and appreciate their crazy wild life.

Who am I kidding, these children have literary taken over the house! They control the TV and decide what we eat. We’ll perhaps just survive until schools open again. What to do now?

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