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Chinese tile maker adds Sh2.5b to investment

Steve Umidha @steveumidha

The manufacturing pillar of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s “Big Four” agenda has received a boost with the announcement by  Chinese tile manufacturer, KEDA Ceramics that it plans to expand its operations in the local market.

The move by the company to get into phase three of its operations in the country will cement its position as the largest manufacturer of tiles  in Kenya and East African region.

According to the company’s Administrative Manager, Ryan Chen, phases one and two have seen the company invest over $55 million (Sh5.6 billion) in a manufacturing plant for tiles that target the middle and lower end of the Kenyan market.

Phase three which is projected to begin towards the end of 2019 would see the manufacturer investing another $25 million (Sh 2.5 billion), bringing  the total investment in the country to $80 million (Sh8.2 billion).

“This is the perfect time to invest in Kenya, especially with President Kenyatta’s Big Four agenda. Foreign direct investments are important in the realisation of this initiative and we are playing our part in this regard,” he said.

Kenya’s economic market in the region and its strategic position have made it an attractive investment destination for the company.

This bearing was also an important consideration that aligns with China’s President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative. Kenya is strategically placed along the route for the Belt and Road initiative.

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