AG office steps up legal aid for litigants

George Kebaso @Morarak

The State Law Office is concerned with the bulging number of litigants behind bars in the country who cannot afford legal fees.

It is even more worrying that State-funded legal aid schemes—seen as investments in the peace and security of any nation—have suffered significant budget cuts recently.

Subsequently, recognising that thousands of Kenyans are languishing in prisons also due to lack of capacity to represent themselves in court, the Attorney General’s office has stepped up efforts to increase awareness among the accused.

Yesterday, Attorney General Justice Paul Kihara called on lawyers to go beyond mere legal representation to include provision of and access to legal information and advice to the vulnerable in society, as a form of new approach.

“It meets client legal needs through the integration of community-based information and advisory services with the central focus being self-representation and dispute resolution,” he advised during the opening session of the first East African Regional Legal Aid Networks Conference 2018.

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