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My pretty ritzy mini

What attracted you to this car?

It’s a unique car. I just love its looks, especially its miniscule stature amongst other larger cars. For its size, it has a gigantic personality with a global cult following. I have to yet find someone who doesn’t find the original Mini to be a cute car.

In total, I have owned three Minis, but currently I have this and another one. I’m simply a classic Mini enthusiast. I love how it looks and every time I’m out riding, I catch people turning to catch a better look at it.

What do you love about it?

I love that it’s completely stock. It still has the original 850cc engine and all the fittings are original as well. I want to maintain it to as close a condition to stock as possible.

It’s also economical on fuel and comfortable even on rough roads. I love how it feels to drive, being so small and close to the ground, it responds quickly, which makes it an exciting experience going anywhere.

I also love the attention I get from other motorists, friends and road users; everybody loves the Mini. In April this year, we drove to Malindi on a charity run and the locals couldn’t believe that we drove all the way from Nairobi and back in this.

Locals were sure that it had been ferried over in a lorry. Many people assume it’s a city car and can’t go cross-country, but they would be surprised how far a Mini can really go.

What are some of the downsides?

The biggest headache is getting spares. You simply can’t get any spares here, so when something does go sideways you can be sure that it’s going to be both a costly and lengthy affair. I usually import my parts from Mini Spares in the UK, especially body parts.

There is simply no shortcut around that. But the upside is that it’s a tough little bugger and rarely breaks down. As long as you get the original parts, it will go on and on for year on year without major issues.

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