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Gracious green fortress

Lush manicured green fields stretch as far as the eye can see. Beautiful landscaping seems to be the mantra by which Dagracias Events Centre lives by.

We have the grounds all to ourselves for a wedding reception and we cannot believe that we did not know about this place earlier. It is serene and beautiful; it is perfect.

Located along Gatworo Road off the Eastern Bypass, the facility is the place to visit whether for a private function, wedding reception, birthday parties, goat eating parties or even a soulful picnic. Whatever your event, Dagracias has you covered.

It has a vast compound with four different areas to choose from. One area has a dais, the other a hall that can sit at least 250 persons while the rest are rolling fields of beautiful greenery with beautifully designed gardens thrown in for good measure.

When I was there recently, a guesthouse was under construction, which didn’t seem to mar the beautiful surroundings in any way. It looked at providing the hope that one could enjoy the space for longer than a day.

The vast grounds were really helpful as there was ample space to set up the wedding reception tents while enough space was left for the children to play and make raucous in, without necessarily interfering with the event.

As the children ran off to play in a playground set that was on another part of the gardens, we sat in our tent and wished the happy couple a good life together as we took in our surroundings.

The fact that the place is affordable really helped us enjoy the event even more, free from worry of having to sell the remaining kidney (those wedding committees already have one of my kidneys), which in any case I was saving to sell for my wedding anyway.

The place was true value for money, especially since we didn’t have to spend much on décor and tents as the place is beautifully landscaped while the garden walls have flower whorls running their lengths.

The walls are done in a muted cream, which beautifully contrasts with the lush green. This was perfect as the wedding colour scheme was pink and there was no colour clash.

The day was beautiful complete with blue feathery cirrus clouds, thanks geography teacher. I could well imagine a beautiful picnic on the green grass, beautiful kangas laid out and sat on by a few family and friends, food laid out on a rattan mat in the middle, soft conversations and a few laughs as we exchange verbal jabs, children crying over a skinned knee in the far playground area, with the dog sculptures seated at the gate standing guard, or seated guard as the case may be, watching for intruders, as the cedar trees stand sentinel over our happy fare.

So happy, so chaotic, so beautiful. Though I have not yet gone for said picnic, I hope the rains and its accompanying cousin, the dark ominous nimbus clouds, stay away long enough for me to cop together a picnic as I refuse to eat under a tent unless it is at a wedding, which I paid for with a kidney, so I have to eat anyway.

To me, beauty, economic value and Dagracias are interchangeable. And since I believe in sharing the good deals I come across, feel free to call them to book for your event and share this little piece of paradise with your friends. I promise the memorable experience will stay with you as much as it has with me.

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