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In pizza we crust

It’s not every day that a chef invites you to their kitchen, and when Brighton Mukare did, I was keen on perking up serious pizza making prowess. He was shy and obviously eye contact wasn’t his thing, at least, not with me.

But that also makes sense since as the chef on duty, he had to keep an eye on the pizzas he was making. Coast-born and raised, Brighton is one of Bidibadu Resort’s chefs. He might have been shy, but his story revealed a tenacious young man.

Before he relocated to Diani in 2012, Brighton had been working as a tour guide in Malindi. That wasn’t what he wanted to settle for. The following year after this move, he was jobless until 2014 when he got an opportunity to work at Anyelo Restaurant in Diani.

Finally, he was where his heart wanted to be. He has never stepped into a culinary class, so he was trained there for six months. Impressed by his performance, the restaurant hired him, but six months later, the chef got and accepted an offer at Southern Palms Beach Resort.

And as he works at Bidibadu, which he joined last year December, Brighton hopes to go to college and become his own boss in the hospitality industry.

To keep the conversation going and to also understand what made the tasty Hawaiian pizza soft, I got a free tip; the softness comes from the use of milk, otherwise, it would be dry. Apparently, some people only use water and leave out milk.


– Flour (depending on the serving)

– Vegetable and olive oil

– Salt and sugar to taste

– Glass of milk

– Yeast

– Diced pineapples

– Pieces of beef ham

– Mozarella cheese (grated)

– Pomodoro/tomato paste



• Preheat the oven to 230 degrees Celsius.

• Mix salt, sugar and oil in lukewarm water, which helps to blend all.

• Empty out a glass of milk to the mix.

• Add yeast and stir

before putting in flour to make dough. The dough should be kneaded for eight minutes to a hard touch. Yeast eventually softens the dough.

• Roll out the dough to a thin depth then slice out circular pizza crusts using a cutter.

• Pour pomodoro, also known as tomato paste, uniformly onto the crust.

• Shredded mozarella cheese comes in next, followed by pieces of ham and diced pineapples.

• Layer the top with a sprinkle of oregano herb then scoop it up into the oven.

• Keep turning the pizza round for the crust to bake until cheese is melted and bubbly.

• Give it 10 minutes then take it out, slice and serve.

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