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Meet Collins Mutindi, artiste, talent manager

Best thing about being an artiste manager?

Meeting new and old talent everyday, which means growth to my career.

One thing that many people don’t know about you?

That I value and give a listening ear to young upcoming artistes.

Best place you like to relax after a long day at work?

Home. I always spend my evenings with my family. I don’t go out unless it is for work.

Best childhood experience?

Best was when I did a solo performance for the then vice president of Kenya Musalia Mudavadi a few years back.

Favourite object that would complete your house?

Grand piano.

Best age you ever lived and why?

Most certainly 22. Because I fell in love to now mother of my nine-year-old son and two-year-old daughter.

The year is almost coming to an end, what are some of the resolutions you have been able to accomplish?

Well, there’s a couple of them, but the best that really impresses me is; managing children from the streets of Nakuru, especially a guy called Sijay. I mentored and accommodated him and now he has two professionally made tracks and videos.

The best thing about being in love?

Knowing someone really cares when the whole world doesn’t.

Best and worst advice you ever got?

Worst was when my spiritual mentor advised me to stop dating my then girlfriend, now wife, because she was from a different church that he thought or believed was demonic. Best was when my boss advised me to embrace my talent and passion full time. He still keeps track of me although he relocated to America to be with his family after he retired.

Memorable country you have ever been to?

Somalia.  Did you know people in that part of sub-Saharan don’t eat while walking? Well, know that now.

Worst misconception people have about you?

Most upcoming artistes think I am a hater. The truth, is I value content the most when it comes to creative works.

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