Rwandan woman to spend life in jail for killing her friend

The High Court yesterday sentenced a Rwandan woman to life in prison for killing her seven-month pregnant female friend five years ago in a Nairobi lodging.

Antoinette Uwineza alias Michelin Uwababyyi killed Winnie Uwambaye Colpitts and the baby (Winnie’s) following a disagreement over a Caucasian boyfriend.

Justice Jessie Lesiit found Uwineza, 31, guilty of murder, saying the prosecution had proven its case beyond reasonable doubt.

“After considering the circumstances of the case and how the deceased met her death, I find that it was a gruesome murder and an act of malice and brutal,” said the judge.

Uwineza committed the offence on February 16, 2013 at Saharan Lodge along Duruma Road in Nairobi. She has 14 days to appeal the sentence.

Case to answer

In mitigation, the convict, through lawyer John Swaka, begged the court to for a lenient sentence, saying she was  remorseful. 

On October 18, Justice Lesiit found Uwineza had a case to answer and put on her on her defence. Two of her co-accused—Alexander Kiole Mutie and Kassim Oyamo Odiwuor alias Odin were acquitted.

Kiole and Oyamo had been charged alongside Uwineza after being found with a mobile phone belonging to the deceased on March 26, 2013.

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