State bans cash payment for NYS, prison tenders

There will be no cash transactions for  services rendered at the National Youth Service (NYS) and the Prisons department, Interior Cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i  has announced.

While insisting the government will not backtrack on the ongoing clean-up in the departments, the CS said the move is aimed at ensuring transparency and accountability, adding that it will also minimise wastage by eliminating cartels from the system.

The CS said all payments involving the prisons department would be done either electronically or by cheque. “We are going to use a trackable and traceable receipt system. The system will work no matter what,” the CS said, noting that the reforms are painful but they must be done nonetheless.

“For the first time since the correctional facilities in this country were created, we do not have a single cent in the pending bills because of the clean-up,” said the CS.

At the same time, his Public Service, Youth and Gender counterpart Margaret Kobia assured no more money will be lost in NYS through procurement.

The two spoke during the signing of a deal between the Kenya Prisons Service and NYS at Kaloleni GK Prisons in Kilifi Wednesday.

The deal seeks to provide an overarching framework under which the partnership will be governed and is based on the commitment by both agencies to collaborate on mutually benefiting activities, while cutting costs and sealing corruption loopholes.

Matiang’i and Kobia officially launched a joint borehole drilling project to signify the beginning of a partnership meant to curb wastage by effective utilisation of available resources by the two institutions.  They said time has come to transform the public service to make it efficient, citizen-focused, result-oriented, transparent and accountable.

The partnership also seeks to achieve more timely delivery of services as red tape bureaucracy is significantly reduced, as services are exchanged between two government agencies.

“We have realised that we can save the country by sharing our resources effectively and save wastage…. A cost-benefit analysis undertaken by technical teams from both ministries identified possible areas of collaboration.

For instance, by drilling of boreholes under NYS rates will save the Prisons department up to 50 per cent drilling costs, when compared to contracting this service from private contractors.

This is attributed to internal efficiencies at the service, availability of labour and equipment,” Kobia said, adding that more money will be lost in NYS through procurement because we have the equipment which we have to utilise wisely.”

Matiang’i  said Prisons department has ample capacity resources and personnel to be self-reliant as opposed to the tendency of going cap in hand to treasury to ask for funds “to feed ourselves.”

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