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KCA romp to debut KBF playoff against Strathmore in university derby

Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) University will this weekend feature in their first-ever Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) men’s league playoff quarters as they do battle against fellow scholars Strathmore University Blades.

KCA won their last regular league match 45-42 against World Hope, in early October, to finish with 11 wins and nine losses while Blades rose from a four -match losing streak to win their last two fixtures for 12 wins in 20 matches.

KCA have had a stellar season, qualifying for the playoffs for the first time in their seven years in the premier league. On their part, Blades’ performance did not mirror their last season status, where they reached the finals, as they struggled against some lowly ranked teams.

“This is a grudge match and I expect it to be tough. We are almost level in all fronts but our long layoff is a cause to worry for me. We played our last league match a month ago and our physical fitness is wanting. Fatigue and some minor nagging injuries may slow us in Game One,” said KCA head coach Charles Goro.

With a ninth place finish the best the accountancy students have ever achieved in the premier league, Goro opines that the result of Game One will determine how far they go in the playoffs.

In regular season, it was a 50-50 situation between the two sides KCA winning the first leg by seven points while Blades won the second by six. Meanwhile, Blades head coach Tony Ochieng says that their last two wins in regular season have been motivational. 

Despite missing the services of big man Brian Onyango who is yet to recover from a ligament injury; Ochieng believes they have what it takes to carry the battle by a 2-0 win.

“We had a tough regular season but playoffs are a different ball game all together. We picked valuable lessons in our maiden appearance at the FIBA Zone Five championship and that has helped us work on our execution.

If we use our shooters well a 2-0 win is possible. However, we are not underrating KCA, they are a hard fighting team,” said Ochieng, adding that Nyayo Indoor court is a better venue.

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