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Tennis Kenya to launch elaborate Stars Challenge Programme

Tennis Kenya (TK) has embarked on a deliberate policy to launch the Stars Challenge Programme.The development is geared towards enabling the tennis governing body to provide an opportunity for all players to bring out their best through consistent and high level competition.

The Stars Challenge will be composed of a monthly Prize Money Tournament and a Training Programme for players at the elite level of performance.

In a nutshell, the venture entails exposing, training, supporting and raising the individual standards of elite players in the country.

According to TK chairman of Player Development Francis Mutuku, it is to try and bring out the star in each player and challenge him or her to raise their bar to acceptable levels.

“Tennis Kenya has in the last five years run a very successful Junior Development Program (JDP) and with the launch of the latest programme, the federation will be providing a development solution to 18 year olds, post-secondary school and post University students,” said Mutuku.

He further said transition to the next stage has been a big challenge to local players, hence the launch of the Stars Challenge Programme.

“We have found that the transition from juniors to seniors has been very tricky and in the process we have lost a number of competitive players. One of the marks of our senior programs in the last 10 years has been exodus of players at 18 years to colleges overseas especially the United States of America,” said Mutuku.

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