Maribe released, Jowie detained in murder case

The lengthy remand period for TV journalist Jacque Maribe was finally cut short after the High Court freed her on bail but declined to release her fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Jowie whom the judge described as “a woman eater”.

Maribe was released on a Sh1 million bail pending trial in the murder of Monica Kimani scheduled to start on June 18. She will also be required to deposit an additional three sureties or a bond of Sh2 million with one surety of similar amount. Maribe has been in custody for more than 30 days.

“Maribe is hereby ordered not to read news related to the case or conduct interviews with any of the lawyers and victims in the murder case. I also direct that she should not contact any of the witnesses in the case either directly or indirectly,” ruled Justice James Wakiaga.

Irungu will remain behind bars pending trial. The judge described Jowie as a “woman eater” saying he had no fixed abode, and has “after coming from Dubai been housed by Maribe and has been driving her car.”“The picture that emerges from the prosecution’s evidence and pre-bail report of the accused is that he is a male version of a slay-queen which for lack of better terminology I will call a woman eater,”Wakiaga said.

The Judge also noted that the prosecution had not satisfactorily demonstrated Maribe was a flight risk, as she had co-operated with court and showed no signs of intimidating witnesses.

“I am unable to agree with the prosecution that Maribe will interfere or abscond court or act in any manner prejudicial to the trial,” the judge said.

He said: “People are forced to do crazy things for love. In the Bible Adam accepted a fruit from Eve while he had been prohibited by God to eat.” Maribe said the only reason she was standing trial was that she had a relationship with Irungu.

Wakiaga noted that if Maribe was found guilty on the basis that they had a relationship, there was no provision in the Criminal Procedure Code that could be used to convict her.  The court denied Irungu bail on grounds that he was likely to abscond trial and flee the country besides intimidating witnesses.

He said that Irungu had portrayed himself publicly as a gun lover, hence his actions would pose a risk by creating fear and intimidating witnesses.“Being a person with specialised security training, and having handled various guns, he would pose a risk by intimidating witnesses,” ruled Wakiaga.

The judge further said that prosecution had positively placed Irungu at the murder scene in an attempt to tamper with evidence by burning clothes he allegedly wore on the fateful night when Kimani was killed.

He ordered Maribe to accompany investigators to her house in Lang’ata, Nairobi, so that they could make an inventory or gather further evidence. Thereafter, they will allow her to use the house.

Irungu has been allowed treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital where the family will be allowed to chip in. The case will be mentioned on November 27 and heard from June 18 to 27, 2019.

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