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Meet Boutique owner-cum-stylist, Cecilia Munyiro

Boutique owner-cum-stylist, Cecilia Munyiro, is all about playing in the big leagues. With a year-plus in the game, the lass has styled numerous celebrities, building her portfolio one A-lister at a time, writes Kyoumukama Faith

describe my style as…chic and vintage. I love dressing in vintage-inspired looks that are often layered clothing that evokes a feminine feeling.

One local stylist who has greatly influenced my fashion journey is…Brian Babu. He’s creative and thinks outside the box.

My journey into the world of fashion as a personal stylist came about with…the need to do more. I’m a boutique owner, so it was always fun to look for stylish looks for my clients.

I never thought…I would do styling as a profession. But I love dressing up and making others look good too. First, I enrolled in a six-month online course on image consulting.

Then I started from the inner circle. I did makeovers for my friends and shared them with the world. It’s been a year now and so far, so good. It was rocky at first, but it has gotten better every week.

Some of the celebrities I have styled include…Janet Atieno, Jeff Mote, and Anjlee Gadhvi, among others.

My styling kit always has…pins, tape measure, scissors and threads. This is a must-have for any stylist. We’re just like tailors.

I would advise upcoming stylist to…trust the process, because the more you do it for others, the more recommendations you get resulting to growth. Don’t give up, it does takes time, but it’s worth it.

The biggest misconception about my job is…that people think it’s so much fun they don’t know that it’s a lot of work. Finding the shops and convincing the owner that it will benefit them as a client can be a big challenge.

Styling is…personal. Before settling on a look for an individual, I first look at the body type, how comfortable the client is with different looks. I then curate looks of different options that fit the client.

Everyone loves…a good deal. I, especially enjoy shopping in the CBD as boutiques are much cheaper. Their only downside is uniqueness.

If there was one celebrity I would want give a full makeover, it would have to be…DJ shitti. He is a friend, but I believe people need to see the other side of him, outside of comedy. He’d look great in a modern tailored suit. I would go for that, but with a bold touch; a dapper bold suit.

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