‘Punguza Mzigo’ backs calls for referendum

Noah Cheploen @cheploennoah

Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot has said a referendum to cut down the bloated governance structure is inevitable owing to the huge response his Punguza Mzigo campaign has received from Kenyans.

Speaking to People Daily in Nakuru town, where he had taken his campaign, Aukot said they had received overwhelming response from Kenyans adding that some were even volunteering to join his team as agents.

He said Kenyans want the issue of representation to be addressed and stiffer penalties meted out on those engaging in corruption and theft of public funds.

“The response is amazing. Kenyans are overburdened and Punguza Mzigo has come at the right time,” said Aukot, who unsuccessfully vied for the presidency last year.

He said Kenyans were concerned with the huge representation which is gobbling up millions of shillings every month. “We want the number of MPs reduced to slash down the huge wage bill,” he said.

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