Lancet spreads its wings to DR Congo

Lancet Pathologists are set to spread their wings to Francophone-Africa in a new deal with a French Medical Laboratory group.

Lancet Kenya CEO and founder Ahmed Kalebi said they company that has been in operation in the country since 2009, will this week be launching in Goma, DRC as its expansion gathers pace.

Speaking when he officiated the groundbreaking of the multi-million shillings Lancet Housing Society scheme in Katani, Syokimau, Kalebi said that over the last two years, their business which now employs 250 staff from an initial 23 at inception, Kalebi said their 68 branches in East Africa has been complemented by the growing number of demand, something the wish to complement with their forays across the borders.

“We have made inroads to Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and next week, we shall be opening a branch in Goma. This has been a fruitful venture as we continue to expand in the country and beyond. The expansion to Gisenyi and now Goma, DRC shows the level of investment we have put in place for this vital service in the country.

“We are in the final phase of getting a deal that will see us penetrate the French-speaking parts of the African continent and this will enrich or Pan-African drive,” said Kalebi.

At the launch in Katani which was attended by most of its employees in Nairobi, Kalebi, a Nairobi born and raised doctor, said that after years of trying to make an impact in the country and across the borders, it was time for the employees of the company to find an investment that will live past their time at Lancet.

“In the country, we have not even scratched the surface yet. The demand for quality, distinguished and innovative is still high and there is not better way for us to offer all that, but, with a dedicated staff, that is well-remunerated and a properly structured social welfare that is cushioned by investments which come in handy through their joint efforts like the Sacco, whose net value grows over time,” said Kalebi.

As a good standing in society, Lancet recently got accreditation as one of the three test laboratories on the African continent after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) gave the rare accreditation. The other centres are in South Africa and Egypt, adding a wider range to the local organisation that has grown in bounds over the period of its existence.

“Look at it from any angle, I was the first pathologist to serve in Garissa. Through that and my training outside the country, I discovered that there was something that the locals were not getting and through that, I decided to fill the gap. It is something that we had to embrace.

“On the other hand, there are services that lack in our country. We offer some services that are vital and only a few think of. Services like neo-natal are not common to many people, but they are important and considering that only a few ever take to during critical times of their lives,” Kalebi said.

On the housing scheme that is bound to change the face of the fast-growing Katani and Syokimua off Mombasa Road, Kalebi talks of a committed staff who have in four years been able to, within a short period of time jumped on the investment ladder with possible purchase of their first properties in less that ten years of employment, an enviable achievement anywhere.

Most of the 3-bedroom apartments in the housing estate have been picked up by the members of the society that might soon open up to the public, according to the chairman Patrick Were.

“This is indeed a milestone for us. We decided to buy the land in 2015 and through sheer support and dedication by the members; we are today breaking the ground. We have approached banks, gone through the bureaucratic process and got all the required papers from the authorities and here we are, breaking ground. It is indeed a milestone and an achievement of our co-operative society,” Were said.

The founding chairman of the group of the diagnosis company since 2013 says they expect the occupation and the first tenants to move into their properties in 2021.

“This has been the first step in which we expect the perimeter wall to be erected around our parcel of land. In the coming months, we will have the show house ready and thereafter the timelines and the building will be actualised and the dreams of our employees will be achieved by sheer trust, faith and close working relationships.

“Not all our employees are here but we expect many others from our 250-members of staff to join and grow the society as we think of further growth,” says Were.

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