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Mudbath expected in Jamhuri motorcross

If the rains continue, mastery of muddy conditions will be key to winning races in the 10th round of the KCB Kenya National Motocross Championship scheduled for Sunday, at the challenging Jamhuri Park track commencing from 9.30 am.

As most autocross events in Kenya are held under dry and dusty conditions, wet and slippery surfaces will be an unusual test for championship contenders like 4WD Turbo’s duo Lovejyot Singh and Rehan Shah and Imran  Hakada (2WD T).

Jamhuri will be busy with EAMSC motocross event and next door the KCB Autocross taking place.  Come and join the thrills and spills this weekend at Jamhuri Motocross and Autocross tracks.

Drivers who are able to cover the complete distance of each race without a spill will be at an advantage in the mud. The difficult conditions facing drivers will present a treat for spectators who will watch hard charging competitors ploughing through mud baths and pools of water should conditions remain the same. The championship leaders will be slipping and sliding as they battle with their opponents to stay out in front.

Hamza Anwar has a 16-point lead in the 2WD Non-Turbo class from lady driver Safina Khan who is followed by Sahir Mughal aka Sarry.

With two rounds remaining Hamza son of former Nanyuki Rally winner Asad Anwar will have to work hard on the race day to maintain his leadership. In the 2WD NT class.

Zameer Verjee has entered a Rage Buggy and here’s what he had to say: Looking forward to this weekend as it comes close to the end of the season. – BARRY SILAH

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